Scandinavian Airlines

When Scandinavian Airlines decided to act on the negative climate development by CO2 compensating all of their Youth tickets, one major communication channel was Instagram and via active and influential travellers. With a CSR approach to the national (Sweden) influencer campaign, SAS activated a total of 66 influencers between the ages of 18-26yrs. In order to maximise the exposure the group of influencers chosen varied in size ranging from 2.000 followers up to 140.000, all with the common objective to create brand awareness for SASΒ΄s environmentally conscious project.

Influencers were instructed to create two carousel posts each sharing their relationship, thoughts and personal stories related to travel as well as informing their audience that SAS youth tickets from now on are CO2 compensated. Two posts were chosen in order to build more on storytelling and trustworthiness. Working with these digital creators resulted in 132 unique posts, 264 pieces of content created, shared on Instagram over the span of two weeks.

  • 66Influencers
  • 132Posts
  • 2.51MReach
  • 124KLikes
  • 2 321Comments
  • 5.05%Engagement
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