Case Study - Massfluencer


Thanks to the massive increase in sales and awareness Arla increased their budgets and signed a three year contract.

Arla’s objective: Create authentic awareness and credibility to increase consumer action and purchase intent.

Arla’s challenges: Manage hundreds of influencers for multiple brands and products with few resources in a cost and time efficient way. Ensure brand safety and the best results possible. Measure results in an efficient way.

The solution: Massfluencers vast amount of influencers, data, automated AI platform and team of campaign coordinators enables Arla to achieve the best results possible and their managers to oversee everything in a time and cost efficient way and ensuring brand safety with the ability to monitor results in real-time.

The results: Arla successfully increased awareness, consumer action and purchase intent resulting in increased sales.

  • 377Influencers
  • 12 000 000+Impressions
  • 75%Region match
  • 5%+Engagement
  • 775 000+Comments & Likes
  • 13%Purchase related comments
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