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Massfluencer is an exclusive network with the best high-performing small and medium sized influencers on Instagram from all over the world. At Massfluencer it’s not about the amount of followers you have, it’s all about engagement, relevance and authenticity to help our brands reach the right audience. Join our network to start receiving offers today!

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Why Us?

The best platform for influencers

As a member of Massfluencer you get access to exclusive campaigns from the world's most respected brands. Our world-leading technical platform is super-easy to use and makes your life as a social media influencer hassle-free.

We are always hard at work to make sure every step of a campaign goes buttery smooth: from signing up to getting paid. We want you to spend your time on what you do best: creating amazing content and engaging with your audience.

  • Convenient Payouts
    Our simple and convenient payments is one key reason more and more influencers choose to work with Massfluencer. We offer several payout methods for you to choose from.
  • Collaborate with brands you love
    We work with the best and most respected brands in the world in a wide range of product categories so that you can cooperate with the brands that you love.
  • Get offers matching your interests
    Our system will match campaign offers to your audience and interests so that you can earn money from promoting brands that are relevant to your audience.
  • Accept only the campaigns you want
    We understand how important your relationship with your followers is. As a member of Massfluencer you are always free to choose how many campaigns to participate in and with which brands to cooperate.
  • Fast and easy signup with no need to sign an agreement
    Complete the signup within minutes, no need to sign a complicated contract and you can start accepting campaigns right away.
  • No exclusivity - You are free to work with others as well
    As a member of Massfluencer you are in total control of your social media account. You are always free to join other networks or work directly with brands through other channels.
How It Works

Getting Started Is Easy

  • 01Signup - Fast And Easy

    Join to find out how you can get more collaborations. It's 100% free and takes no more than a couple of minutes.

  • 02Choose Campaigns

    Only you decide which campaigns you want to endorse.

  • 03Post And Get Paid

    Get paid directly to your bank account.


Loved By Creators

We create successful campaigns through authentic influencers who believe in the products they endorse. Below is just a couple of the Influencers that find sponsorships through Massfluencer.

  • Thank you so much for having me for the campaign. Can’t wait to work with you again.
    Dita Sherlock
  • Thanks for having me onboard! I loved creating content for you.
    Angela Giakas
  • Thank you very much for your support!
    You guys were amazing!
    Cristiam Oliveira
  • Gostaria de elogiar toda equipe e atendimento, gostei muito da organização do site e dos e-mails com respostas rápidas.

    São poucas agencias que trabalham dessa maneira. Muito agradecida, sucesso para empresa.

    Estou a disposição para fazer sempre meu melhor para seus clientes, podem contar comigo.
    Natalia Abreu
  • I'm really impressed by you and your prompt level of follow-up on this campaign!

    Right from being concerned with my posting till after completion of campaign, your replies are always prompt and accurate.

    I've referred a couple of brand companies I work with to your reliable & responsible agency.
    Looking forward to work with you soon again!
    Cindy Tan


  • Why should I sign up?

    By signing up to the Massfluencer platform you get access to our systems for accepting campaigns, reading campaign details, uploading and getting your content approved before publishing as well as handling your payout information. These systems have been developed to make your life as an influencer as easy as possible.

  • Does Massfluencer require me to be exclusive?

    No, you are always free to join other networks or work directly with brands through other channels at the same time as you are a member on Massfluencer.

  • What type of collaborations will I get?

    We will offer you to collaborate with brands that match the interests of your social media profile and followers. We work with a wide range of clients within industries such as fashion, make-up, travel, health-care, entertainment, pets, parenting, sports, interior design and more.

  • Are there any fees?

    No, there are no fees whatsoever - signing up, being a member and participating in campaigns on Massfluencer is totally free.

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