Case Study - Massfluencer


Unilever wanted to create an inspiring yet informative campaign featuring the toothpaste brand Close-up in an instagram campaign in Brazil. Breaking away from traditional “dental product communication”, 16 profiles with high energy and genuine Instagram feeds were activated with the main objective to reflect the various personalities and lifestyles including Close-up as a natural part of their everyday routine.

Under the campaign umbrella theme - “Close-up gives you a natural whiter smile, powered by natural ingredients”, influencers were tasked to create and publish one carousel post each, with three slides showcasing the “Natural white smile”. In order to reinforce the message and increase brand exposure, 8 out of the selected influencers were also assigned to create their personal IG Story with a “behind-the-scenes” angle and feel to it. Providing the influencers with clear guidelines but with enough creative freedom resulted in 16 unique posts specifically tailored for their own audience which in result outperformed the groups average engagement.

  • 16Influencers
  • 16Posts
  • 560KReach
  • 50.2KLikes
  • 1 396Comments
  • 9.21%Engagement
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