Case Study - Massfluencer


Glossybox with its monthly prescription model for beauty/health kits can certainly be considered a veteran utilising the power of influencer marketing. To further accelerate its exposure while also gaining credibility in the endorsements, Glossybox activated 45 influencers within the beauty, health and lifestyle verticals for campaigns both promoting their ordinary box as well as their quarterly Man-box.

Influencers were gifted by the company with the merchandise and tasked to create and publish one post each promoting Glossybox and the current monthly theme. The profiles were given the choice of how to present their content either through a regular post or a carousel post. Providing the influencers with clear guidelines but with enough creative freedom resulted in 45 unique posts specifically tailored for their own audience.

  • 45Influencers
  • 45Poster
  • 1.27MRäckvidd
  • 69KLikes
  • 724Kommentarer
  • 5.51%Engagemang
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