Case Study - Massfluencer


Thanks to the our impressive results outperforming Massfluencer now runs campaigns for Huawei all over Europe.

Huawei’s objective: Increase traffic and usage of AppGallery.

Huawei’s challenges: Huawei wanted to improve the performance of their influencer marketing and drive more traffic to their app store.

The solution: Massfluencers access to 63M influencers globally delivered the best influencers and results possible in each market. Our centralized and automated systems saved both time and resources for everyone involved. Further in order to maximize the ROI we combined the influencer marketing with paid amplification.

The results: Huawei had 30 times more clicks than before and over 40 time higher CTR with extremely high engagement rates creating organic awareness.

  • 40Influencers
  • 37 000 000+Impressions
  • 10Markets
  • 7%+Engagement
  • 1 500 000+Clicks
  • 4%+CTR
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