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Massfluencer is the world's most advanced full-service influencer marketing platform. Together with our experienced team of campaign managers we enable both small and large companies to scale their influencer marketing campaigns locally or globally with efficiency and stunning performance.

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We are proud to have run influencer marketing campaigns across 5 continents for everything from fledgling startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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Full service automated platform

Our full service platform is the most efficient solution for influencer marketing in the world. Our automated systems and experienced campaign team take care of all the tedious work of selecting influencers, emailing, campaign execution, payment handling and reporting while you stay in control of the things that matter to you: brand safety, creative direction and reaching your campaign goals.

Our intelligent platform and efficient processes enables us to keep overhead costs low and deliver the best possible ROI to our clients.

  • On demand campaign creation - No subscriptions
    Easily order a new campaign through our automated systems within minutes. There are no commitments or subscription fees required to gain access to our platform.
  • Cross border payments with compliance
    Massfluencer handles payments, VAT and the associated paperwork for any number of influencers at no additional cost, paid in local currency to almost any country in the world.
  • Pre-approval system for brand safety
    With our efficient system for pre-approval you can easily ensure that all media and text are up to your standards before it is published.
  • UTM tracking on all content
    We provide click tracking and url shortening service as well as seamless integration with your existing analytics tool such as Google Analytics through UTM tracking and detailed segmentation.
  • AI optimized selection
    Our machine learning has analyzed millions of social media profiles and picks the highest performing influencers with audiences matching the criteria for each campaign. In addition, our team of social media marketing experts will vet each and every influencer.
  • Extensive fake detection
    Our state-of-the-art fake detection will identify bots, spammers and inactive followers to ensure that campaigns reach genuine followers. Our AI will flag profiles with suspect content, activity or relationships.
  • All agreements taken care of
    We handle all the paperwork with influencers in an automated manner, no more emailing contracts back and forth with hundreds of influencers.
  • Reporting and audience insight
    We provide beautiful campaign reports as well as a detailed real-time dashboard for tracking campaign performance.
  • Creative campaign team
    Our team of influencer marketing experts help you succeed with your social media marketing strategy. Whether your goal is awareness, website traffic, sales or app installs we know what kind of content and profiles will meet and exceed your expectations.
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    Choose your audience, budget and product to promote.

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    We recruit the best performing influencers to endorse your product to their engaged fans.

  • 03Enjoy Results

    Follow the campaign performance in our real-time dashboard and in our stunning reports.

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